An effective solution in response to the COVID-19 health crisis

The original automated disinfection system for public transport created by Technibus in 2009 for the H1N1 Virus has been improved in 2020 with more effective components in order to respond to COVID-19.

This resonated with elected representatives and executives at the STAS Urban Transport System in Saint-Etienne, the first to acquire our Technibus technology.

Boosting economic regrowth

Peace of mind

Our technology provides the reassurance necessary for public transport users to go back to their daily routines with confidence.

Easy to use

Our Technibus system allows the driver to disinfect their vehicle several times a day in an extremely short timeframe simply by pressing a button.

Simple to install

Our expertise at Technibus in air conditioning systems has allowed us to develop technology which is universally compatible with those used in the public transport sector.

A quick and practical process


    Vehicle fully disinfected


    Undertakes its journey


    Stops at the terminus


    Driver presses the button


    Vehicle fully disinfected


    Sets off


  • Patented device and product

  • Virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and yeasticidal

  • System certified anti-COVID-19

  • Operates in under 5 minutes

  • 100 % Made in France

  • European Development

  • Scented Product

Use for vehicles









Our experts will carry out a study of your needs if specific adaptations are required

Our Plug & Go version !

Our technology can also be installed via an external system. Only the spraying elements are installed inside the vehicle, the high-pressure system is in a mobile unit outside the vehicle.

This external system avoids overloading the vehicle and the mobile unit can also be used for several vehicles.

Our experts carry out a study of each installation project.

Use for buildings

Return to normal business

Our technology will soon be adapted for use in buildings in various different forms. The first will be incorporated into a mobile or static furniture unit, perfect for meeting rooms or offices.
Another possibility will be to embed them into wall units (like an air conditioning unit).

Finally, depending on the possibilities available, our system can be coupled with a central air conditioning system.